Outdoor Fireplaces And Fancy Fire Pits Are The Next Big Thing

masonry and concreteSummer is just around the corner, and that means that it is time for gathering friends around a fire to socialize and roast s’mores. And, thanks to the new outdoor living spaces push, more Americans are enjoying their favorite summer-time activities without leaving home. In fact, a little masonry and concrete is all that is needed for the latest outdoor space trend: fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.

Outdoor Fireplaces: Hi-Tech And Comfy
According to a National Association of Realtors survey, 71% of prospective home buyers view curb appeal as very important. What does that mean? That means you have even more reason to find a mason to put together that outdoor fireplace. These outdoor features are incredibly trendy right now — and the vast majority of homeowners are designing fireplaces based on two main qualities: comfort and technology. Technology-wise, more Americans are opting for easy-to-maintain, gas- or electric-start outdoor fireplaces. Similarly, U.S. households are installing masonry and concrete fireplaces in cozy outdoor nooks. In addition to fireplaces, homeowners are decorating these nooks with soft furnishings, small planters, or using vine-type plants to section off their secluded and snug outdoor retreat.

Fire Pits: The Freedom To Do Exactly What You Want
Quality workmanship is always important — and not just when it comes to masonry steps. Yes, qualified contractors can help with masonry and more, and that includes fire pits, and not the simple (and frankly boring) fire pits that immediately come to mind. Working with a mason to build a fire pit opens up all kinds of possibilities. More consumers are fashioning fire pits in unique shape and styles — half-circle fire pits, long, linear fire pits, or fire pits that seamlessly fit into homes’ existing hardscaping.

Homeowners prefer brick over any other material, and there are 140,000 masons in the U.S. Call one today to see what you can do in terms of outdoor fireplaces, hardscaping, and fire pits.