I was thinking of redoing our front walkway, stoop, driveway and rear patio about a year ago. I have been in my home for over 30 years and the front and back brickwork was done about 28 years ago. The original was brick on dry-pack (i think that’s what its called) and much of the surface had become uneven. A friend of mine had his front walkway done around that time and I liked the result so I asked him who? He said Tom from LIM&C. So when I was ready to do my work I called a couple of companies including Tom. His price was in the ballpark. What I liked most was his direct approach about what could be done, about giving me some good idea’s and discussed some possible problems that could come up. Among several suggestions, he spoke about the benefits of laying the new pavers on a bed of concrete instead of the dry-pack which I originally wanted. I’m glad I went with his suggestion. Anyway, we agreed on a start date in May 2014. He and his large crew showed up as promised. This was a fairly large job. I could not believe how fast they tore everything out and by day 2 the concrete bed was going in and on day 3 the pavers were being laid. As the job was going along, Tom made some suggestions which all made sense and I accepted. Then, I changed my mind about a few things including wanting to widen the walkway, putting a larger apron at the end of the driveway and doing an additional Belgium block border in front of my fountain landscaping . In all this “changes on the fly” there was no problem. He priced everything out right their as I was suggesting the changes so there was no doubt about the costs of each modification. I want to also point out that his foreman, Will, was a pleasure to work with and a real professional. Tom was there everyday to direct each days work and would return in the afternoon or evening to make sure all was going as planned. Tom and his men were a pleasure to deal with. I had a lot of curved edges in both the front and back and the workmanship, especially all the stone cutting, was impeccable. I’m already thinking of doing some additional brick/paver wall/border work in the backyard in the spring of 2015. No doubt Tom will be called back for an encore. Overall, a job well done and I am a very satisfied customer.
Bob Giordano, Dec 2014