4 Lasting Benefits Of Masonry Steps For The Masonry Curious

masonry stepsMany home-building techniques have fallen out of favor over the centuries, and for good reason. You probably wouldn’t attract many guests with an old-fashioned peat burning oven in your living room. But for hundreds of years, American homeowners have been investing in bricklayers to provide high quality masonry and more services to improve the look of their home for decades to come — and even longer! But even though masonry has been around for centuries, modern day brick workers use the most modern techniques and equipment to provide a timeless feel for a variety of home design types.

In fact, brick is most homeowners’ ideal building material, with more than 80% of U.S. homeowners saying they will consider brick when buying or building a new home. If you’re on the brick fence, so to speak, then here are the top three reasons to consider masonry steps as a gateway to the world of masonry and concrete:

1. It Will Last A Lifetime

We don’t like to scare away the paying customers with this bit of info, but the truth is that a quality brick job can last longer than they will. Unlike other building materials, properly cared for masonry steps will last as long as your home does. Masonry steps and concrete hold up through extreme weather and age better than other building materials, and will continue to provide an elegant touch to your home for decades to come.

2. The Perfect Entrance To Masonry

Masonry steps are an affordable, short-term building project that serves as the perfect entrance to both your home and the masonry industry. With quality workmanship, masonry steps can turn an ordinary front or backyard into a sweeping, elegant facade that doesn’t require completely redoing your entire home design.

3. Masonry Steps Provide Tons Of Options

Masonry steps don’t just come in traditional red bricks. No, masonry steps can be carefully designed with a variety of stones, bricks and concrete for a look that perfectly blends with your existing home design. Few other types of renovations provide such a wide variety of options for homeowners to consider.

4. If You’re Selling Your Home…

The real estate market might be slowly improving, but homebuyers on the market for a new home still need any edge they can get. When a homebuyer views a home online, up to 63% of them will stop by to see it for themselves. And since curb appeal is important to 71% of those homebuyers, according to the National Association of Realtors, elegant, durable masonry steps can drastically improve the overall look of your home’s exterior.

Even if you aren’t selling your home, masonry steps make any size or style of home look its best. If you want to make your landscaping features pop, and provide a quality feature to your property that will last for decades, then consider masonry steps as the perfect starter project.